Invited Speakers

Rüdiger VOSS (EPS): “50 years of EPS – 50 years of service to the European physics community”

Asen ASENOV: “Statistical simulations of advanced CMOS transistors”

Peter ATANASOV: “Novel physics techniques for Ag and Au surface nanostructuring and application to Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy”

Dimiter BALABANSKI: “Day-one photonuclear experiments at ELI-NP”

Gönül BAŞAR: to be confirmed

Nihat BERKER: “Chiral spin glass phases”

Radu CONSTANTINESCU: “Symmetries, invariants and conservation laws in nonlinear evolutionary processes”

R. Burcu ÇAKIRLI: “Proxy SU(3) with Its Predictions and Anomalies In The First Excited K=0 band”

Alper DIZDAR: “Classical or modern? The impact of “boundary lines” in physics on social-cultural theories of new century”

Goran DJORDJEVIC: “Inflation and Stringy Cosmology”

Ömer DÖNMEZ: “Optical and electrical characterization of highly mismatched GaBiAs alloys”

Alexander DREISCHUH: “Manipulating the topological charges of singular optical beams”

Olga GKIOKA: “Preparing pre-service secondary physics teachers to teach in the physics laboratory. Results from a three-year research project”

Dan GHITA: “Nuclear Physics Research Infrastructure in Romania”

Oğuz GÜLSEREN: Tentative title “2D materials and Nanoscience”

Tolga GÜVER: “Astronomical Observation of Neutron Stars”

Joseph INDEKEU: “BLUES function method in physics”

Plamen Ch. IVANOV: “Network Physiology: From complex dynamics of individual systems to networks of organ interactions and the Human Physiolome”

Ömer İLDAY: to be confirmed

Gordana JOVANOVIC: “MHD waves in plasma in gravitational field”

Peter KRALCHEVSKY: “Electrostatic interactions and rheology of two- and three-dimensional capillary suspensions”

Ivan KOSTOV: Title to be confirmed

Latchezar KOSTOV: “Bulgarian Nuclear Program for Peaceful Purposes”

Miodrag KRMAR: “Biomonitoring in radiology  studies”

Olgica KUZMANOVSKA: “Numerical methods for the solution of spectral line formation problems in the stellar atmospheres”

Mihai MACOVEI: Title to be confirmed

Ekmel ÖZBAY: Title to be confirmed

Serguey PETCOV: Discrete Symmetries, Neutrino Mixing and Leptonic CP Violation

Ivan PETROV: “Recent advances in surface engineering of materials”

Angel POPOV: “Defect formation in functional semiconductor structures with heterostructured transition region”

Valentin POPOV: “Two-phonon Raman scattering in graphene”

Zoran POPOVICH: Tentative title “Raman scattering and nanomagnetism”

Mimoza RISTOVA: “Photoelectrochemical cells for water splitting for clean energy production”

Nikola SABOTINOV: “Metal Vapor Lasers and Bulgarian Contribution for their development”

Anatoli SIDORENKO: “Functional nanostructures for superconducting electronics”

Emery SOKATCHEV: to be confirmed

Boris TENCHOV:  “Thermodynamics of protein fibrilization: Relation to molecular basis of diseases”

Efstratios THEODOSSIOU: “Astronomical Eras and Sculpture.  The Astronomical Eras of Taurus, Aries and Pisches”

Ion TIGINYANU: “New nanoelectronic device developments based on Gallium Nitride – the second most important semiconductor”

Ivan TODOROV: “Usefulness of useless knowledge: multiple zeta values and perturbative QFT”

Ioan TURCU: Tentative title “Biomedical Research”

Victor URUMOV: Title to be confirmed

Andrei VARLAMOV: “Fluctuation spectroscopy”

Nikolay VITANOV: “Composite pulses in quantum physics and classical optics”

Daniel VIZMAN: “Control of melt convection using magnetic fields”

Kostas VOURLIAS: “Mobile Learning: A New Challenge for Education”

Ömer YAVAŞ: ”Accelerator Based Studies and Applications in Turkey”