Dear conference participant, we would like to inform you of the following news concerning your accommodation in Belgrade:

Most of the invited participants will be accommodated in Hotel Palace, while most of the students and young researchers will be accommodated in the “Kod Vuka” Hostel.

Please note that there are two Student Hostels available: “Kod Vuka” and “Studentski grad”.

Students who are interested in these hostels can book their accommodation by referring to one of the two following addresses: or (

In both cases, applicants are strongly advised to use the code “BPU11 Congress” when registering, and to include the address in the CC field in your email.

Furthermore, the BPU11 Congress participants may also contact two other Hotels:

  1. Hotel Opera, which can be reached at one of the two following addresses and
  2. Hotel BelgradeInn (, which is located at Francuska 11 Street in Belgrade.

The participants who decide to choose either Hotel Opera or Hotel BelgradeInn are advised to use the same code ”BPU11 Congress” when registering.

Please note that the number and type of rooms are limited, and that our conference participants will receive a 10% discount on their reservation if they book a room before August the 1st!