The BPU11 Epilogue Meeting was held in Belgrade

The promotion and presentation of all 3 publications devoted to the BPU11 Congress

BPU11 PoS – Proceedings,  EPJ Plus – The Focus Point “On Physics in the Balkans: Perspectives and Challenges”  and IJMPA (IF 1,6) – Special issue “Beyond Classical Gravity and Field Theory – Contributions from the Balkan Congress ‘Fair’ “

took place on April 11, 2024, in Belgrade, in the building of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts (SASA). The Coorganziers and the Guest editors got the Honorary mentions and small gifts.


PROMOTION OF THREE PUBLICATIONS 11th Congress of the Balkan Union of Physicists Belgrade, SANU, April 11, 2024, Under the auspices of the Balkan Physical Union (BPU), in the organization of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU), the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Niš (PMF Niš), the Faculty of Physics in Belgrade with the support of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Development, and a large number of faculties and institutes from Serbia, the 11th Congress of the Balkan Union of Physicists was held in Belgrade from August 28 to September 1, 2022. Most of the Congress sessions were held in the premises of SANU, while part of the Congress, four thematic scientific meetings, a series of round tables and accompanying events were held in the premises of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Belgrade, as well as the Mathematics Institute of SANU. 476 participants took part in the work of the Congress, 325 directly and 151 virtually”, of which 159 were students from 31 countries. 309 abstracts were accepted and published. A total of 282 lectures and poster presentations were held. 12 plenary and 23 invited” lectures especially contributed to the high-level scientific part of the program.

At the final – Eplogue meeting, as a significant and permanent result of all scientific meetings, containing in total 110 scientific papers, which have passed an international review based at lectures and presentations held in Belgrade, the three publications have been presented:

With the great commitment of the organizers and the exceptional responsiveness of all 3 publishers, open access to all editions and works was ensured, as well as the printing of all works in a small circulation, so that all publications will be donated to the libraries of all 10 co-organizers from Serbia and the national societies of physicists of the Balkans.

The Guest editors, president of SASA, academician Zoran Knežević, president of BPU, Prof. Radu Constantinescu, more than 20 representatives of the coorganizers and editors of the Proceedings` sections took part in the event.

At the end of the meeting, recognition and a certificate of appreciation was awarded to the editors of all the presented editions and to the representatives of the co-organizers from Serbia and abroad.

The next – BPU12 Congress will be held: July 8-12, 2025, Bucharest, Romania.

Local Organizing Committee of the 11th BPU Congress

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