Schematic Program

The full detailed program is available here.

Round Tables

  • RT1 – HEP – Roadmaps to the future
  • RT2 – Integration – Widening Participation
  • RT3 – YM Roundtable – Career in Physics
  • RT4 – YM Roundtable – Quantum and New Technologies
  • RT5 – Models of Studying Physics in European Universities – Specificities in Balkan Countries

Plenary Talks [program]

Scientific Sections

  • S01-NPNE Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Energy [program]
  • S02-AA Astronomy and Astrophysics [program]
  • S03-GC Gravitation and Cosmology [program]
  • S04-AMP Atomic and Molecular Physics [program]
  • S05-HEP High Energy Physics (Particles and Fields) [program]
  • S06-CMPSP Condensed Matter Physics and Statistical Physics [program]
  • S07-OP Optics and Photonics [program]
  • S08-PGDP Plasma and Gas-Discharge Physics 
  • S09-TMCP Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics [program]
  • S10-MG Meteorology and Geophysics [program]
  • S11-EPASE Environmental Physics – Alternative Sources of Energy [program]
  • S12-PSSAP Physics of Socioeconomic Systems and Applied Physics [program]
  • S13-BMP Biophysics and Medical Physics 
  • S14-PEHPP Physics Education, History and Philosophy of Physics [program]
  • S15-MI Metrology and Instrumentation [program]