EPJ Plus – Focus Point on Physics in the Balkans: Perspectives and Challenges is published

Dear colleagues,

we are really pleased to inform you that

The EPJ Plus (IF 3.4), Special Volume, “Focus Point on Physics in the Balkans: Perspectives and Challenges”,
Editors: L. Bergé, G. S. Djordjević and Z. V. Popović,

devoted to the BPU11 Congress, is, and will be, fully available from April 2nd till May 31st, 2024.


This issue contains 1 Editorial article and 11 original scientific papers with review elements, initiated by the invited lectures given at the BPU11 Congress  

in the fields of Solid State Physics, Physics of Materials, Econophysics, Quantum Optics and Laser Physics, Open Quantum Systems, Cosmic Rays and Hubble Tension in Cosmology, Nuclear and Collider Physics.

Due to the kindness of our publishing partner EPJ Plus and Springer, beside  2 moths open access, a limited number of hard copies are be printed.

These copies will be offered, free of charge, to a limited number of libraries in BPU countries.

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