BPU11 PoS – Proceedings is Published

Dear colleagues,

we are really pleased to inform you that BPU11 PoS – Proceedings (Proceedings of Science, SISSA, Trieste) has been fully available since October 1st


Out of (approximately) 279 contacted lecturers and presenters, 95 papers were received.

After reviews, 87 were accepted for publication, 5 were rejected, while 2 (+1) were withdrawn. The articles will be permanently and freely (“open access”) available through the PoS site. We had great support from numerous (15+1) section editors and many more referees. We were faced with one big problem – with reviewing papers from Section 5, which led to an additional, several-months, delay in the completion of this publication.

Due to the kindness of our publishing partner PoS Trieste, a limited number of hard copies will be printed.

These copies will be offered to a limited number of libraries in BPU countries.

We would like to underline that a number of plenary and invited lecturers (list of names attached) chose to submit their articles to other to special issues published within the BPU11 framework

  1. EPJ Plus (IF 3.4) – The Focus Point “On Physics in the Balkans: Perspectives and Challenges”

Thanks, in part, to the long-term cooperation with EPS, and the helpfulness and understanding of the publisher (Springer), this publication was made possible under very favorable conditions. Out of 18 invited authors (mostly plenary and invited lecturers), 10+1 responded and sent papers. After the completion of reviews and technical processing, this EPJ Plus number will be available to everyone, free of charge (“open access”), for 2 (two) months.

  1. IJMPA (IF 1,6) – Special issue “Beyond Classical Gravity and Field Theory – Contributions from the Balkan Congress ‘Fair’ “

In addition to lecturers and invited authors from the BPU11 Congress, there are several authors from “satellite gatherings”. According to the information of the guest editors, 11 papers were accepted for publication here as well. Thanks to the long-term cooperation between the publishers World Scientific and the SEENET-MTP network, in this case too, the publication was made possible under favorable conditions with partial and temporary, free access (“open access”).

Due to the kindness of our, corresponding, publishing partners Springer and World Scientific, we expect that a limited number of hard copies of both EPJ PLus and IJMPA will be printed, too. These copies will also be offered to a limited number of libraries in BPU countries.

Please follow the BPU11 web and Indico page for both publications, as well as for other new “materials”: videos, presentations etc

In these Special issues, we will have published papers on the following plenary and invited lecturers:

  • Bojan Arbutina
  • Panos Argyrakis
  • Alexander Dreischuh
  • Cosmin Farcău
  • Vladimir Vava Gligorov
  • Dragan Huterer
  • Dejan Joković
  • Dejan Milošević
  • Predrag Miranović
  • Ion Tiginyanu


  • Ignatios Antoniadis
  • Borut Bajc
  • Calin Lazaroiu
  • Radoslav Rashkov.

We are expecting one more paper to be accepted and published in EPJ Plus, it will be announced upon acceptance.

Many thanks to all of you for your participation and contribution to BPU11 Congress, its parallel and satellite events, and in particular to the authors of 109 papers, in total, we have as one of the BPU results in the concrete actions.

We hope to be able to make a promotion and presentation of all 3 publications in Belgrade in the forthcoming weeks or moths.

Best regards and wishes
Goran Djorjevic, Milan Milosevic and Dragoljub Dimitrijevic
on behalf of the organizers and BPU11 Committees

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