IJMPA Vol, 38, No.2 – “On Beyond Classical Gravity and Field Theory: Contributions from the Balkan Congress` Fair” is published

Dear colleagues,

We are very pleased to inform you – the third and last publication related to the BPU11 Congress

International Journal of Modern Physics A – IJMPA (IF-1,6)
(Particles and Fields; Gravitation; Cosmology)

Volume 38, Issue 32

“On Beyond Classical Gravity and Field Theory — Contributions from the Balkan Congress` Fair”
Guest Editors: Ignatios Antoniadis, Marija Dimitrijević Ćirić, Dragoljub D. Dimitrijević and Milan Milošević


is published, printed, and will be fully online and available until June 30th, 2024.

This issue contains the Guest editors’ Preface and 11 original scientific papers with review elements.

All invited papers are based on the lectures given at the BPU11 Congress, SEENET-MTP, and QG-MM: CA18108 Satellite events and issued on the occasion of two jubilees: 20 years of the SEENET-MTP Network and 35 years of the BPU.

Due to the kindness of the “old” and traditional publishing SEENET-MTP partners, World Scientific and IJMPA, a limited number of hard copies are printed in addition to three months of free access.

These copies will be offered free to a limited number of libraries in BPU countries and the SEENET-MTP full member nodes.

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