Speakers & Titles

Plenary Speakers

  • Panos Argyrakis
    Structures of networks and application to models of disease spreading
  • Luc Berge
    THz waves generated by laser-plasma interactions
  • Borivoje Dakić
    Verification of quantum technologies
  • Karl Grandin
    The Nobel Prizes awarded to Marie Curie and the one not awarded to Lise Meitner
  • Monica Magureanu
    Promising research results on a few potential applications of non-thermal plasma
  • Dejan Milošević
    Quantum-Orbit Theory in Strong-Laser-Field Physics
  • Paris Sphicas
    HEP: current perspectives and future challenges
  • Ion Tiginyanu
    Nature-inspired novel nanomaterials for multifunctional applications
  • Jasmina Vujić
    Nuclear Power in the XXI Century
  • Vladana Vukojević
    Quantitative Scanning-Free Confocal Microscopy with Single-Molecule Sensitivity and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging for the Study of Fast Dynamic Processes in Live Cells
  • Vladan Vuletic
    Quantum Simulation and Computation with Neutral Atoms
  • Christof Wetterich
    Quantum gravity predictions for particle physics and cosmology

Invited Speakers

  • Bojan Arbutina
    Diffusive Shock Acceleration of Cosmic Rays – Quasi-thermal and Non-thermal Particle Distributions
  • Lambe Barandovski
    Everlasting educational reforms – on the road to quality and permanent knowledge or…
  • Jose Manuel Carmona
    Theoretical and experimental challenges in quantum gravity phenomenology
  • Cosmin Farcău
    Metal-coated microsphere arrays: versatile nanofabrication platforms for plasmon-enhanced optical spectroscopy
  • Vladimir Gligorov
    Flavour anomalies and status of indirect probes of the Standard Model
  • Dragan Huterer
    The Hubble Tension
  • Dejan Joković
    Applications of Geant4 simulation methods in studies of nuclear processes
  • Marko Krcho
    New Technologies and HI Mapping Results from CRAFTS
  • Predrag Krstić
    Quantum Computing Challenges for Transition Dynamics in Atomic and Molecular Systems
  • Jose Ordonez-Miranda
    Net Heat Current at Zero Mean Temperature Gradient
  • Dejan Pantelic
    Thermal radiation measurements in biophotonics
  • Alexander G. Petrov
    Bioflexoelectricity: a Physical Motor of the Living Cell
  • Stavros Solomos
    Physical processes of desert dust in the atmosphere
  • Đorđe Spasojević
    Domains of scaling in the three-dimensional random field Ising model
  • Bosiljka Tadić
    The role of self-organized criticality in social dynamics
  • Nikolay V. Vitanov
    Experimental Quantum Control with the IBM Quantum Computers
  • Jakša Vučičević
    Transport in Strongly Correlated Systems: the Hubbard Model Perspective
  • Dušan Zorica
    Fractional calculus in modelling hereditariness and nonlocality in transmission lines