Young Minds

Young Minds Sessions at the 11th Balkan Physical Union Congress are organized by the Young Minds Section in Niš, Young Minds Action Committee, NKUA Young Minds Section from Athens and the Organizational Committee of the Congress. The event will consist of two panel sessions, one on the topic of New Quantum Technologies and the other one about Careers in Physics. A few eminent speakers will give an overview of the important discoveries in their field and describe their career paths, in order to give the audience an insight in the possible careers after finishing their studies. The short lectures will be followed by panel discussions and the audience will be able to ask questions. The program is aimed primarily at the students of Physics, all levels of studies, but the students of similar subjects such as Engineering, Mathematics, and Programming, to name but a few, are very welcome and will for sure find the topics interesting. 

The event is taking place in Belgrade, as the whole conference. Support for a number of students, especially from the Balkan region will be provided. Also, a number of places in a student dormitory in the vicinity of the conference venue are booked for the incoming students. All the other information about the conference and the program can be found on the official website.

The list of the speakers and panelists:

  • Araceli Venegas-Gomez, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Qureca
  • David Lee, European Physical Society
  • Enrique Sancez Bautista, Principal Policy Officer at European Physical Society
  • Mattia Ostinato, Young Minds Action Committee

Quantum and New Technologies

Career in Physics