BPU11 in CERN Courier

CERN Courier – The International Journal of High Energy Physics reported on the BPU11 Congress and its satellite events in HEP in the latest issue: Vol. 63, No 2, p. 18 (March/April 2023). The text is available here.

BPU11 in Europhyiscs News

The EUROPHYSICSNEWS The magazine of the European Physical Society reported on the BPU11 Congress and the Balkan Physical Union in its latest issue EPN 54/1, p. 6-7. The text is available here. The whole issue is available here.

Invitation to contribute to the BPU11 PoS proceedings

Following the BPU11 Congress – 11th International Conference of the Balkan Physical Union event, you are invited to submit your contribution for the conference proceedings. Your contribution should be set in the PoS style and uploaded in the form of a PDF file as specified in the instructions available here. The login details will be sent…

News – Proceedings of Science (PoS)

We are pleased to announce that most of the articles submitted for the BPU11 Congress proceedings will be considered for publication in the special issue of PoS – Proceedings of Science devoted to the BPU11 scientific presentations. PoS is open access, internationally renowned and recognized, indexed by SCOPUS, as well as by ADS NASA, INSPIRE…


The size of the high-resolution poster is 70x100cm. You can print the poster in a lower size however, do not change the aspect ratio (proportion of height vs. width)

Information for Authors – Teachers

There is a possibility for teachers to publish their full articles, related to their BPU11 presentations, in a special volume of the journal “Interferences” (Interferenţe), designed for topics on Physics Education. Instructions regarding the review process and technical details will be given later. The Journal “Interferences” (ISSN 1583-8528) is edited by the internationally recognized publisher…

COST CA18108: new call for ITC Conference Grants

We are pleased to announce that the COST action Quantum Gravity Phenomenology in the Multi-messenger Approach (QG-MM) wants to promote the work of young physicists in less research-intensive European countries (Inclusiveness Target Countries or ITC), and Near Neighbor Countries. To fulfill that goal, the QG-MM Action is opening its fourth call for Conference Grant (CG)…