Invitation to contribute to the BPU11 PoS proceedings

Following the BPU11 Congress – 11th International Conference of the Balkan Physical Union event, you are invited to submit your contribution for the conference proceedings.

Your contribution should be set in the PoS style and uploaded in the form of a PDF file as specified in the instructions available here. The login details will be sent via PoS portal to speakers/presenters until the end of this week.

As PoS authors, you can create the requested PDF file in your favorite way. Please note though that the paper size must be A4 (not US letter), so that the green PoS logo on the title page does not appear partly cut off.

When you log in ( ) to your Author pages on PoS you will find a link “Workarea”. By clicking there and then following the link “template files and instructions”, you will be able to download a ZIP file which contains the following:

  1. Instructions (pdf),
  2. The word processing template (PoStemplate.odt; software available at, for instance,,
  3. The LaTeX package (pos.sty) with the PoS logo ( or PoSlogo.pdf).

For LaTeX users: unzip the file, save the package and the logo in your working directory, then use the skeleton file to create your contribution.

In order to make your co-authors appear on the webpage of the proceedings, you need to click on the WORKAREA link, submit your contribution and, while your contribution is in the ‘open’ status, use the “Add coauthors” tool. In case of a very long list of authors, please contact the PoS Editorial Office.

Once your contribution has been submitted and/or accepted for publication you can still modify it by clicking on the ‘request’ button on your author article page to request an update. No updates will be possible after publication of the conference page.

The deadline for submission has been set to 31 December 2022.

Contributions should not exceed 16 pages.

Every author of the BPU11 Abstract, who settled their participation fee can submit one full paper. In case you wish to submit one additional paper, please contact the BPU11 organizers at

For any further questions, please contact the BPU11 organizers ( or PoS Editorial Office (

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